PNP Therapeutics

About PNP Therapeutics


PNP Therapeutics®, Inc. is a clinical-stage, biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development of a platform technology and proprietary products for the treatment of cancer. At the center of PNP's Therapeutic System is a patented enzyme (E. coli purine nucleoside phosphorylase) that has been shown to work with a variety of well-characterized nucleoside prodrugs generating active metabolites with high levels of anti-tumor activity. PNP Therapeutics® is the exclusive licensee of a comprehensive collection of patents that broadly and specifically cover the Company's technology. These patents are owned jointly by the UAB Research Foundation and Southern Research Institute of Birmingham, Alabama.

The initial investors in PNP Therapeutics included:

Basic Premise

Many common cancers (including prostate, breast, colon, lung, brain, melanoma, pancreas, ovarian, kidney) become untreatable despite the best medical intervention and the highest standard of care and are eventually fatal. There are compounds that could abolish these tumors, but these are typically much too toxic to administer systemically to an already debilitated cancer patient. PNP's therapeutic strategy is based on the notion that solid tumors can be programmed to generate their own chemotherapy and thus elicit their own self-destruction. This selectivity is achieved by producing the PNP enzyme directly within the tumor cells and facilitating the interaction between the enzyme and a circulating prodrug in a relatively enclosed environment; the tumor mass itself. We have shown that this mode of chemotherapeutic action is remarkably potent, abolishes otherwise refractory human cancers, and can be used safely because it is executed and confined within the tumor mass.

Board of Directors

  • James F. Fuqua
    President, PNP Therapeutics
  • J. Claude Bennett, M.D.
    Distinguished University Professor Emeritus, University of Alabama System Board of Trustees
  • Lawrence W. Greer, D.D.S., M.B.A.
    Sr. Managing Partner of Greer Capital Advisors, LLC
    Investment Manager for the Birmingham Technology Fund, LLC
  • John C. Lankford, Ph.D.
    President, Phase I Holdings, LLC
  • Charles K. Porter
    Executive Vice President, Porter White & Company
  • William B. Parker, Ph.D.
    Founder of PNP Therapeutics
  • Eric J. Sorscher, M.D.
    Professor at the Emory University School of Medicine

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Eric J. Sorscher, M.D., Founding Scientist
    Professor at the Emory University School of Medicine
  • William B. Parker, Ph.D., Founding Scientist
    PNP Therapeutics
  • J. Claude Bennett, M.D., Chair
    Distinguished University Professor Emeritus, University of Alabama System Board of Trustees
  • Leonard E. Post
    Vice President, Lead Therapeutics, Inc.