PNP Therapeutics

The PNP Technology

Summary of the E. coli PNP System

  • Targets all solid tumors (ovarian, lymphoma, colon, brain, liver, prostate, pancreatic)
  • Novel mechanism of cell kill resulting from inhibition of RNA and protein synthesis
  • Active against both dividing and non-dividing tumor cells
  • Excellent in vivo “bystander activity”
  • Additive or synergistic with radiation therapy
  • Excellent activity with a FDA approved drug, fludarabine phosphate
  • Effectiveness proven in numerous mouse models of human cancers Safety/pharmacology demonstrated in preclinical studies
  • Both vector and fludarabine phosphate are known to be safe and well tolerated in humans
  • Validated by external laboratories
  • Promising efficacy results observed in phase I clinical trial, without toxicity
  • Potentially as effective as surgery or radiation therapy, but with less morbidity